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mixcompetition's Journal

mix competition
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maintained by mike mc_jesus and karly emotion_is_dead

1. there are eleven judges (see user info for the list of them). unless one drops out or fails to vote, collect mixes, etc, then someone else can fill their place.

2. a new theme is appointed every two weeks. they should be more specific than just "love" and such.

3. in these two weeks, all members can enter mixes that only pertain to the theme. save the rest for emomixtape.

4. judges can enter mixes, as well, but they cannot vote for themselves, or encourage other judges to vote for them. if so, they're kicked out.

5. at the end of two weeks, one judge will be appointed to collect all mixes and post them in a cut. we'll all have to come up with a schedule for this, and then post it on the user info.

6. don't get pissed off if someone criticizes your mix. if you can't take it, then leave. also. don't complain that the judges are too mean. it's their job.

7. all judges MUST vote.

8. this community is like emomixtape, in which you can post about problems you're having with the mix, and others can help out. but try not to get too much off subject.

9. judges have four days to vote. if you're going to be away, grounded, etc then just let us know that you won't be voting. and if you're designated to collect or pick a theme that week, let another judge know and have them do it for you.

10. if a mix is more than a day late after the deadline, it won't be counted. no exceptions.

11. if the enough other judges don't like the theme chosen, they have four days in which they can comment and tell them, and it will be changed.

12. this one is a must. remember, this community was made to have fun! .. and to have an excuse to cut on someone's sucky mixes ;)

and our wonderful judges..


collecting all mixes - when one does this, they get all the mixes of the selected theme together from the previous two weeks and post them in one big LJ cut, so it is easier and more convinient for other judges to vote.

theme picker - this selected judge will come up with a simple and creative theme - but try not to make it too hard. but don't make it too broad, like "love". holidays would be okay, so you could say like, "valentines day".

so, here we go.. we're starting on february 6, by the way.

february 6, 2003
theme picker - calista

--4 days in between for judges leave comments if they like her theme chosen or not--

then everyone can officially start posting mixes on feb. 10, 2003

february 28, 2003
collector - x_coors_x
theme picker - doofusgrrl

mixes can begin to be posted on march 4, 2003

march 18, 2003
collector - _eudora
theme picker - easycore

mixes can begin to be posted on march 22, 2003

april 5, 2003
collector - emotion_is_dead
theme picker - foryoutonotice

mixes can begin to be posted on april 9, 2003

april 23, 2003
collector - mc_jesus
theme picker - my_design

mixes can begin to be posted on april 27, 2003

may 11, 2003
collector - vapour_trails
theme picker - _hugsfromboys

mixes can begin to be posted on may 15, 2003

and that is all i have for now. if this works out, i'll continue this sometime in the future.
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