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How would you feel if you received an anonymous unpostmarked mix tape in the mail? and your name was cut out of magazine letters?

House of Pain- Jump Around
Felix Da Housecat- Rocket Ride
Brand New- Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
Jack Off Jill- I touch Myself
Violent Femmes- Kiss Off
The Bloodhound Gang- If I Were God
Reel Big Fish- Take On Me
Manu Chao- Bongo Bong
The Stills- Still In Love
Q Lazzarus- Goodbye Horses
Radiohead- Idioteque
Smashing Pumpkins- Ava Adore
Deftones- Mx
Placebo- Bitter End
Rolling Stones- Paint It Black
K's Choice- Not an Addict
Elliot Smith- Everything means nothing to me
Radiohead- Creep
Pink Floyd- Breathe
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